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GT306 - Pulizia è Manutenzione

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Pulizia è Manutenzione

● Clean the residual water between the water tank and the host to prevent scale.
● When the steam amount is significantly less than before or steam flow stops shortly after working, please remove the scale accumulated on the heater of the garment steamer. We suggest that you remove the scale according to the following methods:
1. Turn off the garment steamer and unplug the power supply, take out the supporting pole and remove it from the main machine.  
2. When the garment steamer is cooled to room temperature, remove the water tank from the main machine and drain the remaining water in the machine.
3. Mix white vinegar and water in 1:1 ratio (if scale is too much, please increase the proportion of white vinegar as appropriate). If you have no white vinegar, you can use other detergent which can remove scale.
4. Slowly pour the mixture into the water tank then put the water tank into the machine, the mixture shall not overflow.
5. Soak for 1-2 hours at room temperature (please extend the soaking time if there is much scale, but do not exceed 8 hours).
6. Pour the mixture out of the water storage sink and the round outlet on the machine.
7. Fill the water storage sink with water and pour it out. Repeat injection of clean water to wash, until the scale and acid flavour inside the machine is gone.
8. Reassemble the parts so that they can be used again.


● Please empty the residual moisture in the machine when it is not used for a long time, and store it in dry place, avoid direct sunlight or humid environment.

Use after Long Time Storage

● Check if there is any deposit in the water tank before use. If there is any deposit, please clear it. Check if the steam hose and the inlet and outlet are blocked. If there is any blockage, please clear it. Check if the power cord is damaged, please do not disassemble the machine if it is damaged. It needs to be repaired or replaced by professional of the local distributor or after sale service agency.


● Please read this instruction carefully before using this machine and keep it for future reference.
● This product is only for indoor use, please do not put the machine on the table, the work table or other high table surface to use, please put the machine on the level ground.
● Please do not allow children or people with no independent behavior ability or lack of relevant experience to use this product alone to avoid the risk.
● When using this product, please use the power supply with 30mA leakage protection switch.
● Be careful of condensed hot water to prevent scalding.
● Do not add water after starting the power to prevent dry burning.
● Do not add hot water to the water tank as this will cause the tank to deform.
● Do not add cleaning agent or other solutions into the water tank. Do not pour perfume, vinegar, starch, scale remover or other chemicals into the water tank.
● Keep the machine upright when there’s water in the water tank. Do not dump or shake the machine to prevent water from flowing out of the machine.
● When in use, please do not leave, do not let children or people with no independent behavior ability touch the machine to avoid the risk.
● Please do not pull out the steam hose during normal use to avoid splash of hot steam or water.
● Please iron up and down vertically. Do not iron on the platform or work table, which will cause drips from the steam nozzle.
● Do not touch the heating parts or the steam nozzle, and pour the residual water carefully to avoid scalding.
● Do not bend the steam hose or block the steam nozzle, which may cause high pressure and accidents.
● Let the machine cool naturally after use. When not in use, please pull out the power plug.
● When not in use, please unplug the power supply, place the power cord around the base.
● Pay attention to the safety of plug and power supply. Do not pull out the plug by dragging.
● When the machine leaks steam, please stop using it immediately and ask a professional for maintenance.
● This product must be cleaned and maintained after a period of use (one month or continuous use of 10 boxes of water).
● Please remove the power plug when repairing, cleaning.
● In case of any damage to any part of the product, please inform the professional to repair it.
● Incorrect repair may cause accident.
● Please do not dismantle the machine without permission, which will lead to danger. If there is any damage, please go to the maintenance department designated by the company or find a professional to repair it.
● If the power cord is damaged, it should be replaced by a professional from the manufacturer, its maintenance department or other after-sale departments to avoid danger.

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